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tv   Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  July 21, 2016 2:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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there are just small groups here trying to get their voices heard, jake? >> okay, that is it for "the lead." i am jake tapper, you can join me on twitter. wolf blitzer and "the situation room" with anderson cooper starts right now. >> thank you very much, jake. the man of the night right now, donald trump. however the man of the moment right now is roger ailes. he helped make richard nixon president of the united states. as of right now, he is out at fox. let's bring in our media reporter and cnn senior media reporter dylan buyers. this is an amazing and stunning
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development right now. the man responsible for the success of fox news. >> he filled a void in television for better or worse. some say worse, others say better. fox news is the number two channel on all of cable. they filled a void, a niche, and see an opportunity to attract and lead the conversation on the plern right. american right. >> gretchen carlson, the former fox anchor made the allegation. her lawyers are saying 20 other women have mad similar
2:02 pm
allegations. >> yes, and we know there are more women that came forward, and that building up of accusations from multiple sources, including perhaps meghyn kelly is what tipped the scales. he will continue in some sort of an advisory role. rupert murdoch stepping in. there is a lot of speculation about who will take over. i think we should say one other thing. if the allegations are true and there are multiple people harrised by roger ailes, that it was kept a secret for decades, that is very disturbing. other women may feel more
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comfortable coming forward. i want to reiterate that ailes denied all of it. if it is true, what does it mean that this was a secret for decades. >> and that after she came out with her accusations, so many anchors game forward to defend ailes. >> but not necessarily meghyn kelly. >> she did tell them about some certain episodes in her past, the first few years after joining the network. there is a reason now you see why she didn't speak out. >> the whole notion is that there was a law firm that did an independent investigation, called in people, and they gave
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their report to murdoch. >> yes, the initial review after a few days had enough evidence that he to go. really this is about the murdoch sons. they are not as fond of ailes. >> we're here at the republican convention right now, and trump is the republican presidential nominee, some of the delegates here, fox news played a significant role in the rise of some of these republicans given their conservative bend. roger ailes created the environment that a person like
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trump could run for the republican nomination and get it. >> the morning host said all of last night's theme of the show, it sounded like the run down. >> it is like a public scare, it was not just that, in many ways it drove the agenda for what conservatives were talking about for the culture war, the racial devisivness. >> thank you for sharing the latest on that. roger ailes, going to be gone from fox news. now the main news here at the republican convention, a candidate like none other will accept the presidential
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nomination and make his case to voters who might not necessarily have all of his party. he will be rallying his base and addressing the world as someone who is now officially one step away, potentially, from the most powerful job on earth. he stepped up today for a sound check, a walk through with his daughter ivanka, and because it comes with the backdrop of the events last night, let's begin with our chief political correspondent dana bash. donald trump's highly anticipated speech is tonight. you're hearing new details, what can you tell us? >> if people have been watching and listening to the major sheems of trump's rallies and campaign, then this will sound
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quite familiar to them. usually he weaves in and out of ideas and is not exactly linear in making his points. much more cogent and linear. that is the word that one of the sources familiar with the speech used with me. the version of things like law and order. build a wall, immigration, trade deals with other countries made horribly and he wants to change that. all of those themes. and those are the themes they believe work for him and not just in a primary. what is most interesting is you usually see one them in the primary, and then you see more
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of a move to the middle. they believe inside trump world they're going to work for him and continue to do so in the dprl election. >> i assume after the drama with his wife's speech the other night, i imagine the vetting and the scrutiny for the speech tonight has been robust. >> we would hope so. we don't have details on how they have scrubbed the speech, but you can sure fwhaet if his speech has anied issues like the others, they understand it would be a complete disaster. one thing that is interesting and noteworthy is that he started to practice on sunday and went through several drafts and so forth. his children were heavily involved in writing it, especially his son-in-law jared
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kushner. >> i want to go to sarah murray right now, learning more about what his daughter, ivanka will be saying tonight. this convention has been filled with drama between melania's speech, ted cruz's speech. >> absolutely, wolf, as you said, every night when he has spoken, they were dined to just be to flush out who he is as a person, and it has been overshadowed by another story line. that makes ivanka's speech all more important tonight. i chatted with eric trump today
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and he said eyou're going to ge a different relationship. he said she does the princess thing very well. sort of a reference that ivanka is her father's princess. so she could go further in fleshing out who her dad is. and more personal anecdotes about who he is as a man. we saw earlier, they were moving around and checking it out. they want to move past the earlier drama of this week. you have some details how donald trump has been reacted to ted cruz's speech last night during which he refused to endorse trump. >> we're hearing that donald trump is not happy. still not happy. we heard that last night when he was in the box, watching ted cruz's speech, he was livid with what was going on.
2:11 pm
some thought he was so mad that he might have stormed out. he didn't do that, but that anger is still kind of there today. he said this is a guy that doesn't live up to his word. referencing the pledge they took to support the nominee. so still some lingering annoyance. >> okay, sarah murray there. thank you. up next, anderson and our panel on the speech tonight and the remarkable convention that led up to it. more after this. my fellow americans... they say we're a nation divided.
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welcome back, we're now fast approaching the crowning moment of this convention. we're learning his speech will have be similar to the stump speeches hs has been giving. last night ted cruz on stage last night declining to endorse him. cruz came under fire after he signed the pledge to support the eventually nominee. cruz fired back.
2:17 pm
>> that pledge was not a blanket commitment that if you slander and attack heidi, that i'm going to come like a servile puppy dog. >> xm radio host and anchor michael smerconish. trump supporters jeffrey lord and scotty hughes. john, in terms of what donald trump is hoping to do tonight, clearly he woke up today to a lot of headlines about lack of party unity, certainly they're hoping to turn the corner on this one. >> yeah. what matters most is the 45 minutes or so we will hear from donald trump tonight. he will say i want to build a
2:18 pm
wall, i want to rip up trade deal deals. he will say washington is broken. it is not what he says but how he says it. he still has some issues in the room. he has a little business to do here, but the most important business is out there. hillary clinton told latinos and african-americans don't vote for this guy. can he change it with one speech, absolutely not. can he say maybe you should take a second look, that will be the challenge. turning to the broader country, and giving the nod to compassionate conservative, some of the speakers and some of his children, i think he has to keep
2:19 pm
that up, not only does he have trouble with the nonwhite part, but he also has problem with white women voters, and ted cruz gave republicans who were reluctant to vote for him a roadmap and thinking about why they might want to stay home. >> it is interesting, earlier on, we saw a brief revival of the never trump movement. by tuesday evening, people were talking about the never trump movement. ted cruz came out last night and gave a road map to those who still have problems with donald trump. >> i think ted cruz helped donald trump last night. he assisted trump in vanquishing once and for all the never trump movement. it was donald trump standing at the end of the night, not ted
2:20 pm
cruz. he entered when cruz was being booed and it became his convention, not ted cruz. >> it is a great show. he picked a fight. the delegates went rogue. we had melania trump's speech. and then last night, ted cruz. and so i want to see what donald trump does to see if he can save and salvage this for themselve , or if we have to stay tooned. >> as it been as effective as you wanted it to be? >> i wish but didn't have the cruz situation. i wish we had not had melania's speech kerfuffle. fine. these things evaporate.
2:21 pm
the cruz thing less so. the cruz thing, that is a problem coming down the road. and i have to say i just posted a column, you know, he mentioned a nam in there of a dallas policeman that had been shot to death. there are two more names he didn't mention, and newt gingrich stood up there and said we're at war. they are the dad and an 11-year-old boy that were in paris that died in an attack. we are at war. it is time to get our act together. trump will stop isis and we need to get moving here. >> i think it did help for donald trump, but i think it
2:22 pm
killed conservatism. they say we don't want to be an embarrassment. it kind of ended in everything that he represented. if you stay classy conservatives, that is not what we saw last night. >> the trump campaign is really obsessed with humiliating and killing conservatives represented by ted cruz. no no no, this is a disciplining exercise in holding the party accountable. we do not know how trump would keep america safe, truly. we do not know if he would go
2:23 pm
kill isis. he hat not convinced us he will uphold the principals of freedom. we are going into very dangerous territory, and trump has to be a better candidate. >> he laid it out since day one. he has the policies out there, eni'm sorry the american -- you're invoking the 14 million people -- ted cruz insulted 14 million people. >> it's like what scott walker said. >> ted cruz was the one that was a sore loser. >> i'm sorry, you said that conservativism is dead. i disagree with you. they require people that believe deeply in the principals to defend them. and i think one of the big
2:24 pm
problems, and there is always self advancement there. one of the big problems and challenges tonight is that he has to come out of this with a sense of unity. he has to try very hard to provide unity for the family. and he has to address conservatives in opposition of him or are skeptical of them, as much as he has to convince the undecided voters that will make or break the election. he will not win with -- >> amanda was saying there is a lot we don't know about how is he going to defeat isis, he said he would take the oil, then that he would bomb the oil, we'll talk about that more up ahead. the controversial comments about
2:25 pm
nato, she in favor of helding allies to matter what the treaty says. i will talk to one of the reporters that interviewed him in that article. we'll be right back.
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just hours from now, donald trump will give the biggest speech of his political life, and part of the backdrop is the controversy over his comments he said about nato. he said can the members of nato count on the united states to come to their military aid if they were attacked by russia and count on the u.s. ul filling their obligations. they have not necessarily always fulfilled their obligations to the united states. trump replied i'm not saying not, right now there are many countries that have not fulfilled their obligations to
2:31 pm
us. maggie, your interview has shaken a lot of nato allies out there. tell us the reaction and the major point he was trying to make. >> this was consistent with trump's world view. we heard him make comments now for many months. he talked about how it is a free rider issue. going to an article five issue in terms of the basic -- if you attack one of us you attack all of us was different, but again, it all comes back to him as viewing everything through an economic prisim. >> do you think the united states needs rethink u.s. involvement in nato? >> yes, it is costing us too
2:32 pm
much money. >> so you're suggesting that the united states should decrease their role in nato. >> we are spending a tremendous amount in nato and other people proportionally less. that's no good. >> so he wants the other alleys to pay what they owe. yes, but what he said back then was i don't think we should decrease our role, but this added a different layer to it. he views security alliances like it was strictly through an economic context and as if these things could be pulled out, but they can't this is consistent with what a basic foundational world view that he has held over many, many decades. >> the campaign chairman
2:33 pm
suggested that the new york times was distorting some of what they were saying. did they distort anything from what he said? >> you read it so i will leave it up to you. i think the transcript was there and we quoted him accurately. >> some of his supporters say this is part of his negotiating skill. by saying this, he puts pressure on them to up the anti. >> yeah, look, this has been something of a seismic reaction to this. with exception to allies to donald trump like newt gingrich, something like a -- i don't think that is the kind of war. you have had a pretty sharp reaction rea reaction from world leaders. saying this is different from
2:34 pm
how we have had foreign policy. >> he says nato is obsolete right now. >> and he said they made changing because of him. he believes what happened in recent months was sparked by what he said, others argue otherwise. >> a lot to talk about, anderson, over to you. >> it is kind of fascinating when you look at the number of republican foreign policy professionals who are against donald trump, bob gates, michael hayden, i mean, this does add fuel to that fire. >> we focus a lot on the personalities, and we have a feud, put the personality aside.
2:35 pm
donald trump is trying to take the republican party, he is trying to bring the republican party to a place very different from mitt romney, john mccain, and ronald reagan. he can make the case to the american people, i'm not saying he is right, but he can make the case on trade deals. the united states should demand pressure, and they put up money and they have a big defense budget. president obama is trying to do that. i covered the clinton white house and the trump white house and they both tried to do it. the idea that if you're late with your rent, essentially, and russian tanks roll throughi estonia and lithuania. you have signed a treaty that is
2:36 pm
nearly 70 years old. read the art of the deal. throw out a bold proposal. you can negotiate from there. this is trademark trump. it does not hit into how traditional politicians and diplomats do this. the capital and the defense ministers are saying what? >> john kasich just tweeted that the only country that would benefit from this is russia. not too popular with the trump folks, because we know, this takes what he told wolf a step further. you know, it is, and again, as m maggie he sees everything through the economic prism. if the tanks are rolling through and you have not paid up, i'm thinking about now supporting you. how do you enter into an alliance. >> it is also interesting for a
2:37 pm
candidate that criticized the current president for foreign policy, is this a show of weakness to a vladimir putin? is that how it gets interpreted? is the alliance weeker? >> i do think you have to be careful about this, and ronald reagan talked about peace through strength. you have to be careful when having these conversations. >> he is the republican nominee for president. what do you mean as he goes along here? we're not in the iowa caucuses any more. >> as he goes along, he has to fully communicate peace through strength. secondly, when maggie talks about the economic prism, i have had conversations with him about how concerned he is about the
2:38 pm
national debt. it's not just nato, it's all kinds of things that will explode because we don't have the money to pay for it any more. >> he also talked about 30,000 troops to fight isis. >> this is a rare case where donald trump does seem engaged in policy. he has been talking about this particular issue for quite some time, but if this is about economics, why is he not paying attention to things like entitlements and domestic debt. he has a willing partner, but he doesn't want to touch it. hi is playing games with nato allies. if you want to talk about economics, and making america more fiscally responsible -- >> a short break here, we're going to continue to talk about this, what to expect tonight, we can pick up the conversation when we come back. donald trump now preparing to give his acceptance speech, a culminating moment after a hard fought campaign, i'll be right back.
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2:44 pm
resigning after allegations from fox news. we're told in terms of content it will be like his stump speeches. building a wall, bad trade deals, hillary clinton, a nd trump's comments last night about nato, it is interesting that trump gives this interview, it is released basely around the same time that his vice presidential nominee is giving a speech, and he is saying trump will stand by our allies, and paul manafort says the "new york times" got it wrong, quoting trump wrong, and they release the transcript showing they're not. >> i get frustrated with this
2:45 pm
kind of thing. >> for a guy that says i run a great organization, i hire the best people, we are topnotch, it seeps like the left hand doesn't know what right hand is doing. >> i have a feeling it will start to improve starting today. it has to. there are four months left, but let me just say -- >> you have run campaigns, how does it improve? if it is not fixed by now, how does it get better? >> if it is not fixed by now, it will not change. everyone keeps waiting for the new donald trump to emerge, this is what we're getting, folks. >> one senator today responding to the nato remarks said it is a rookie mistake. okay, we're 110 days away from the presidential election. you can't make rookie mistakes about big policies like
2:46 pm
america's national security postures. that is -- we have 109 days to election day, if you don't early voting, every day is precious. >> why are we fighting with each other. why are we not working together? saying this is where it is wrong, this is where it is right. >> why would you take the four days you have here and then spend two days where the governor is being called an embarrassment. >> and a popular governor. >> i'm not picking on my friend, kevin here, but for months and months and months we sat on panels saying he can't win, that's not going to happen, and with all due respect, he ran a flawless campaign but he didn't win. john mccain, bob dole, we can go back. i'm just suggesting here we need to be careful here about thinking well, he made a major
2:47 pm
misstep here, and therefore it is over. >> i'm not -- my question is not about running or even winning. my question is about governing which is, ultimately concerns everyone the most. if your whole brand is i run, i set up a great organization, if you can't set up an organization that runs, during a campaign, can you do that in the white house? how long does it take you to do that in the white house? >> i have seen president after president face this issue. candidates that say they're the person, they don't need any on the job training. they get in there and then there are all kinds of problems. i take -- >> we have to take another break, but we will talk more about this just ahead. she helped him fire contestants on "the apprentice," and now she will fire up the crowd for her father's speech.
2:48 pm
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before donald trump gets on the mike there will be another highly anticipated speaker. trump's adult children have had major role. tonight ivanka will be in the spotlight.
2:53 pm
>> reporter: donald trump has never left any doubt over how he feels about his oldest daughter. >> has anyone heard of ivanka? we love ivanka, right. famous ivanka. >> reporter: ivanka trump calling her speaking slot intimidating and terrifying. >> he totally left it up to me. he says don't worry, you'll do a great job. i'm trying to take that advice. >> reporter: it's a role the 34-year-old mother of three has been playing since day one opinion introducing her father has he launched his presidential bid. >> i remember him telling me when i was a little girl, ivanka, if you're going to be thinking any way, you might as well be thinking big. he says what he means and he mean what is he says. >> reporter: quickly becoming a
2:54 pm
key surrogate. >> please come out and caucus for my father. he will overdeliver. >> reporter: widely seen as poised and polished. >> i can tell you first hand that there's no better person to have in your corner when you're facing tough decisions or tough opponents. >> reporter: trying to smooth out some of her father's rough edges vouching for him in personal terms. >> he is nongender specific in his criticism of people and people that he doesn't particularly like or people that he does like but thinks they're wrong on particular issue. >> reporter: behind the scene, her impact possible more significant. >> he respects me and because i'm candid in my opinions and i share them. >> reporter: serving as one of trump's key advisor. >> she said dad, be presidential. >> reporter: giving her father feedback telli ining him to ton down. >> i do tell him to with hold
2:55 pm
some of that fire, i also understand it. >> reporter: also giving input on her father's choice of a running mate and helping to craft key speeches. >> what happens because there's disagreements because your brothers are involved with your dad, your brothers and you? >> i win, of course. >> reporter: she's seen as the favorite. >> who is his favorite? >> ivanka. >> reporter: a few shared by some outside the family considered such a strong asset that her name came up during the vice presidential search. >> best running mate would be ivanka. i know that would not pass mustard but she's most impressive. >> coming up, we have more new developments in roger ailes departure from fox news. we just obtained his resignation letter. that's coming up next. also, much more from the gop convention here in cleveland just hours away now from donald trump accepting the republican
2:56 pm
nomination for president of the united states.
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good evening from cleveland where tonight in just a few hour, donald trump makes the speech of his political life. cleveland is where a young television producer began a career that would help elect richard nixon president back in 1968 and would take him to the top of our cable news rival, fox news.
3:01 pm
tonight, roger ailes is out gone from the network he founded leaving with golden parachute facing dark allegations about how he treated woman in the workplace he created. moments ago we obtained his resignation letter. it reads having spent 20 years building this historic business, i will not allow my presence to become a distraction from the work that must be done every day to ensure that fox news and fox business continue to lead our industry. he continues. i am proud of our accomplishments and look forward to continuing to work with you as an advisor in building 21st century fox. gretchen carlson who is suing him reacting to his departure tweeting, quote, thanks to all the brave women who decided to also come forward about roger ailes, stop sexual harassment.
3:02 pm
stand with gretchen. you got that letter. it's over with right now. i guess he stays on as in a temporary format but for all practical purposes, it's over. >> yeah, for all practical purposes it's over. he stays in an advisory role for the next two years. this letter, talked to a few sources who described it as sad. also rupert murdock held a call and described it as funerial. he talked about how he turned fox news into the number one business in cable news. he talked about the female journalists and executives he promoted. that sort of an effort to salvage his reputation amid the accusations. we spoken with some folks at fox news in on that call who knew roger very well, the allegations they take very seriously. that's an issue. setting those aside for one
3:03 pm
second, what happened today is the executive who is at the helm of this incredible force in american politics and media stepped down after 20 years. all those people had very personal relationships with him including rupert murdock. it's sad day. there's a lot of women who are happy to see him go given the allegations. it's a sad day at the network. so many critics of fox pz for many liberals in the u.s. would say this channel has been corrosive for our democracy. it's done significant damage to our media discourse. at the same time there's many
3:04 pm
conservatives. many people many this room that would say fox news was desperate needed. it broke the terms in liberal media bias. it's that kind of emotion and the much more personal emotion. women who had been keeping this a secret for years who say they were sexually harassed can speak more openly. other women will say this never happened. this is not the roger ailes i know. there's that dynamic as i speak. >> does this validate the accusations that gretchen put forward? >> absolutely. i don't think anything the company is saying validates it. i don't think anything that rupert murdock or roger ailes validated it. the reason he's stepping down is because it was not just gretchen carlson's accusation. it was other women. they claim 20 women have come
3:05 pm
forward with these allegations going back in roger ailes history as far as the 1960s. it's very much why he stepped down. >> it's why he is leaving today. this resignation effective immediately. you do not see that in the industry. we're three months shy of the 20th anniversary. it was going to be a celebration. we don't know who will be running the company. rupert murdock who is 85 years old, is now the acting ceo. it's a period of intense uncertainty. they will continue to run it. all that said, there isn't anyone who can fill roger ailes shoes.
3:06 pm
spoke to a lot of executives. they say look, there's only one roger ailes. there's no one else who can do it the way he did it. there's no one else not just the media force but the political force. >> what will he do next? he's been friendly with donald trump for decades. i'm told they have been on the phone counselling each other. some people wonder if he will help donald trump try to win. >> thanks very much for that report. big news in the world of media. now the kind of moment and the kind of event that roger ailes once orchestrated. donald trump's big night. the biggest of his political life. he took the stage earlier today for walk through with his daughter ivanka who will be introducing him tonight. we're learning more about the kind of speech he will be giving. dana bash is on the floor of the
3:07 pm
convention. you're getting some new details about the donald trump speech. what are you hearing about it? >> reporter: follow donald trump around the country and listen to the themes of his rallies and you're going to hear a lot of similarities in what he's going to say tonight. big picture, we expect, according to sources, for it to be a lot of discussion of law and order and of how difficult things are in this country and about how scary things are, frankly right now. more along the lines of what his campaign chairman paul manafort already telegraphed. maybe a richard nixon kind of convention speech. that's what we're hearing. also when you get down to the nitty-gritty we're told there's going to be familiar themes. building a wall, immigration. the trade deals that the
3:08 pm
administration and past administrations have heard american workers and so forth. that's what we expect. i was told the themes will be familiar but because donald trump tends to kind of go off the cuff and maybe kind of zigzag through speeches. this is more cogent, more linier linier -- linear along the lines. >> how long has he been working on it? >> i'm told the first time he practiced was on sunday. they have been going through drafts ever since. interesting that he certainly has a very big sort of heavy hand in this speech that he gives because these are the themes he's been talking about. i'm told his children were involved in writing and also the kind of crafting and recrafting of it especially his son-in-law who has been more involved in the campaign, wolf, especially
3:09 pm
in speech writing. >> thanks very much. we'll get back to you. more on one of the key things that every acceptance speech is designed to do, bring the party together. the question is how unified is the party right now. john king is with us with some numbers on that. john. when ted cruz tells conservatives to vote their conscience, is there an audience for that? >> we don't have any instant polling from overnight. is there a move for senator cruz to make the case? let's look at numbers. are republicans enthusiastic about voting? just shy of half. 46% say they are enthusiastic. that number was higher in february. doesn't tell you the people will listen to ted cruz. there's a lot of republicans who have doubts. questions about whether they are excited about voting this november. maybe if you look at this number.
3:10 pm
the republican party is united, 16% say it's united coming into the convention. a little more than half republicans think that's what this is about. three in ten republicans may be open to ted cruz saying i'm not sure about donald trump. you should think about it yourself and vote your conscience. >> party united question. is the mood getting better or worse? >> better. that worses in donald trump's favor. if you look at it, 68% say the party will be united by november. we asked this question in june. not all that long ago it was 60%. still getting over the hard feelings for the candidate who is might have dropped out the race. it was half. this number is better for donald trump. doesn't mean that's still not a challenge. it's only 68% but better. >> we also know how trump supporters felt about the ted cruz message. we heard it last night.
3:11 pm
any sense of those cruz supporters agree with the senator or want to move on right now. >> remember going to the floor last night, dana bash and others saying a lot of cruz supporters were mad. we wish we could vote for you but we can't. get it over it. what else do we know? if you look at the question we talked about earlier, is the party united. 21% of trump supporters say yes. those who prefer another candidate, way behind. divided but will you unite. trump people optimistic. 47% of those who supported other candidates say the party is divided and you will not unite. there does seem to be a group of people who will listen to this.
3:12 pm
give the nomination to the candidate with the most votes or the candidate the delegates think vote your conscience would be the best nominee. trump supporters thought he should win. look at this. ted cruz best audience last night, the most receptive people might be john kasich voters. 61% said the delegates should have a chance to vote their conscience on the rules here. that didn't happen because donald trump is the nominee. still a lot of skeptics out there about donald trump. will they listen to ted cruz? that's the open question. >> thanks very much. a lot more ahead here, including another key speech from another billionaire. peter thiel is the first openly gay speaker at a republican convention in 16 years and he's expected to touch on the subject
3:13 pm
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we're gonna get through this together. [ baseball bat cracks ] nice rip, robbie. ♪ raaah! when you bundle home and auto insurance through progressive, you get more than just a big discount. i'm gonna need you to leave. you get relentless protection. [ baseball bat cracks ] welcome back. we've been seeing walk throughs and listening to sound checks. it's not lacked for drama after the panel all ready. dana bash, based on her reporting, we're hearing he's
3:18 pm
not going to be veering too far from the themes he's talked about during his stump speech. does that surprise anybody? >> doesn't surprise me. i think he has a balancing act here. the first two nights, rudy giuliani and chris christie brought the heavy lumber. i don't think he wants to strike that kind of a tone. i don't think chanting in here lock her up benefits. last night was a more palatable tone that was more out reaching. that's what he needs to do. you're not going to teach this guy new tricks. they have been expectation of entertainment. you can't lull them either. >> he understands the moment. nobody understands the moments better than donald trump. he gets it. he's got to be presidential. he, i think, understands that the vice presidential roll out didn't go so well. this is his other big moment of the debate. >> when you say -- you think it didn't well?
3:19 pm
it went well in the sense that pence gave went well. >> i'm talk about when he introduced pence and sort of forgot about him and went on for 20 minutes. >> donald trump feeds off the energy of the crowd. that is what he does. he doesn't speak to the camera, to the wider audience. it will be interesting to see what sort of ad libs end up in this speech. does he want to gin this crowd up so they're saying lock her up, lock her up because he loves that. >> that's not something he has control over. if you remember last night, rick scott was the first speaker. about three minutes into rick scott's speech the crowd started chanting lock her up. rick scott also didn't echo that. >> nor does donald trump.
3:20 pm
his whips on the floor, whatever you think of the convention, his whips on the floor have done a good job of managing the convention. they know that's the cheer. they can ask the delegations if they want, i'm not saying they will agree but don't say this. they can ask. if he is flat reading the prompt t prompter they can grin up the crowd. he comes back from the script and they say why didn't you stay on the speech and he says the crowd was flat. hillary clinton is leading in the metric, the polling, the structure, the state by state. the die flynamics are for chang. the american people think is country is off on the wrong track. they are freaked out by cops getting shot in the street.
3:21 pm
he can make this case. the question is will he make the case. >> jeffrey. >> i just heard from donald trump, himself, he thinks that this convention has been a tremendous convention. he thinks that he has a message for you that he is not pleased. he thinks that we're not accurately representing his convention, which he feels has been a stupendous success. he knew ted cruz would say what he said. he thinks ted cruz has damaged himself by doing this. he beat all the candidates to get here. these people are in support of him. he feels he will go out of here with an energized convention. he said to say that your ratings, our ratings at cnn are up here because of his presence and in convention. i think i'm more or less delivered the message. >> i thought he stopped
3:22 pm
watching. >> there's no doubt about his impact on ratings. i haven't looked at the ratings. it's amazing he has looked at them. >> nothing else to do. >> we said this last night, this was an energized crowd. beyond all the drama we paid attention to with ted cruz, last night was the first night, this crowd stayed until the very end which was the first night that's happened. it was an energized crowd. it was electric. >> if i can add my own thoughts here. i've been to a number of these. there's always turmoil. there was turmoil at ronald reagan's second convention when he was in incumbent president. these things happen. they happen all the time. i do think we don't want to be parsing this and be so in the weeds because people out there watching are -- they voted for him. they want to see this, and they're even jnjoying this and it's a great time. he's going to lead it.
3:23 pm
>> tonight's theme is make america first again. you're going to find something for everybody. for every part of the republican party. you might not agree with the entire platform but you'll find something a part of the message that speaks to you. mr. trump's speech will sum that up that we don't have to be cookie cutter republicans. we can get along. it's that ronald reagan 80/20 rule. you'll see him deliver a great speech. i guarantee this energy will continue. >> i want to agree with something donald trump said to you, which is i do believe that ted cruz helped him. this was a sympathetic crowd last night to donald trump. i think ted cruz took a gamble here. i think he lost, at least with this audience. we can talk about the long term at some other point, but i think
3:24 pm
that the trump people played this very well. the new york delegation stood up. i think this was probably -- >> if i made the contrast. i was at the 1976 convention. ronald reagan came down from the gallery. he didn't use the word endorse. he did everything he could to put a unifying face on this. i have his words quoting in my new column. ted cruz, like ronald reagan, came out to tremendous applause. unlike ronald reagan, he went off being booed. that didn't happen in 1976, and that's a big mistake. >> again, donald trump's awareness of sort of stage craft, nobody even saw ted cruz go off the stage. i missed it. he must have just slunk off because everybody was focused on donald trump.
3:25 pm
>> if he's so into micromanaging the media's interpretation of how the media has gone that h'sz calling into the shows at this moment in time, the convention has been bungle. it's not reagan. it's going to be doom and fear and gloom. that's not a uniting message. we'll see what he does. >> we have a lot more to talk about including the ted billionaire who has a prominent speaking slot on the final convention night. we'll be right back. ♪ with this level of intelligence...'s a supercomputer. with this grade of protection... it's a fortress. and with this standard of luxury... it's an oasis. introducing the completely redesigned e-class. it's everything you need it to be... and more.
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more breaking news. the nba has announced its moving the 2017 all star weekend game from charlotte, north carolina because of an anti-lgbt bill the state passed many march. the law requires transgender individuals to use public restrooms that corresponds with the sex listed on their birth certificates. it comes hours before silicon valley billionaire peter thiel takes the stage in cleveland. he made his fortune co-founding
3:31 pm
paypal. he's the first openly gay speaker since 2000. this is a highly anticipated speech. what can we expect to hear? >> we with expect he's going to say that he is proud to be a gay man. that's not something we've heard before on the stage of a republican national convention. it will be interesting. there's been battle back and forth between social moderates and the party, social conservatives on the platform fight. that's not going to have him shy away. when he's up there, he'll say he's proud to be a gay man and proud to be republican. he's going to issue warning not to get distracted by unnecessary culture wars and they need focus on the economic issues. he has very libertarian leanings. >> do we know why donald trump
3:32 pm
invited him? i assume he did. >> they have a relationship. it's about a week ago that peter thiel was asked by mr. trump to come and participate. i think it's simple. i think he sees a little bit of something of him which he was an outsider to this party and ended up dominating it and peter thiel is an outsider in silicon valley as a trump supporter. it's not the most popular decision in silicon valley. also as a business colleague. he can be a validater to that for donald trump and explain how his business sense can help be president and this issue of reaching out. looking more tolerant on a social issue more in line with where donald trump is on gay rights than necessarily where the party orthodox is. that was of interest in donald trump. >> it will be interesting to see the reaction when he makes those lgbt rights declarations.
3:33 pm
>> he will say he disagrees with parts of the platform. do the delegates react and boo him or sit quietly. it's not part of the platform the kinds of things he will mention in the speech. >> back to you anderson. >> when you contrast a republican convention with a democrat convention, it's a stark difference in terms of just the mentioning of gay people as citizens in this country. you don't hear much about it as all at a republican convention. >> i had rachel hoff. he's the first lgbt member of the community to be on the platform. she was shut down in every instance in terms of what she was trying to achieve. she said i'm the real republican in the room. the party that stands for individual liberty should be more embracing of whatever a person's lifestyle might be.
3:34 pm
it will be interesting to see if that plays should he address it tonight. >> critics say this platform is among the most opposed to equal rights for gay and lesbian americans as any they have seen. it's against marriage equality. it's against bathrooms for transgender people. it's anti-gay adoption. faith based refusal of services as well. >> george w. bush wanted a constitutional amendment. dick chaney said the state should decide. you mention the platform. mike pence signed a religious freedom law and there was a revolt saying you're going to drive people out of indiana. this sends the wrong message. donald trump rolled a lot of evangelical eyeballs when he
3:35 pm
said caitlyn jenner can use any bathroom she wants. >> the bathroom bill is where the energy is now. >> look what the nba just did today. >> you have seen conservatives really rally around this idea that obama shouldn't impose his ideas on states. you saw ted cruz cut ads during the primary pushing back against the bathroom laws. >> you notice ted cruz from that platform -- >> he was more tolerant. >> he talked about guy marriage. >> i'm not saying it's getting you from a to z. >> you sense there's a bit of a movement. >> when i started covering conventions back in '96, there were a lot of cabin republicans that said big tent. here we are in the republican party still talking about that notion of a big tent. it's still a pretty
3:36 pm
controversial idea. >> when you look historically, the word abortion didn't enter a republican or democratic platform until 1976. step by step you can see the divide slowly coming here between the republican and democratic parties on this. i remember being at the 1984 convention and having a delegation headed by then senator olmpyus snow. my point is, this is the way democracy works with these issues. this is far better than having courts ram through things, whatever and doing a top round. we are still discussing abortion. when you do it the other way. when you do it through these kind of things and donald trump is moving the ball on this, then that's why these kind of conventions are important. >> see the response that peter thiel gets if he does start
3:37 pm
talking. >> i'm kind of interesting to see. if he would have hit the one issue. it's almost like baby steps. let's talk about marriage equality and then do transgender bathrooms. i think it will be a lot for this crowd to handle. i'm interested to see how it works. i think a lot of these folks are very much, they're going to bristle up at this whether right or wrong. i think this is where the tenth amendment comes in. mr. trump has said give it to the states. let them decide. >> he's not a social issue candidate. >> that's why he's popular. >> he has been pro-choice. now he's pro-life. i don't believe ronald reagan was a social issue candidate either. the interesting thing to me is that you have trump who is not a social issue candidate and you have mike pence who is a social issue candidate and who disagrees with donald trump on a lot of these issues. i know there are trying to sort
3:38 pm
of appeal to both wings of the party but these are some things that you either believe in or you actually don't. >> this goes back to the trump phone call, this is a successful convention. that's what conventions are supposed to do. >> let's see if trump mentions any of this in his speech tonight after peter thiel. >> you know how much longer they will think about the platform. the platform committee lasted about 12 more hours. if you look at the past platforms, it said they were against common core. platforms only last as long as the committee goes. >> with donald trump, he's not a social conservative but he's a culture war candidate. he's a new kind of culture war. he's fighting on identity topics. he's not talking about abortion and gay marriage. without a doubt, he's very engaged in culture issues. it's what he seems to be passionate about the way he
3:39 pm
plays the media against itself. we're seeing the reshaping of the republican party as donald trump is the nominee. >> when he did talk about abortion, he couldn't figure out what to say. should the woman be punished. that was the big controversy. >> he's new to the issues. >> it's not what he cares about. that's not his frame of reference. >> in his own life, i think he has clearly no problem with gay people. he's been to same-sex wedding. i'm sure he interacts with gay people all the time. in his picking of mike pence, he's raised the ire of some of the gay community for picking that candidate. >> we've seen this in so many parts of his life where personally, how he acts and conduct himself and how he speaks is very different. this is part of his issue in convincing republicans he's one of them. it's part of his issue when talking about nato because his personal views, he doesn't have detailed policy positions.
3:40 pm
>> we have to take another quick break. when we come back, we're getting our first look at details. dana bash has that. ivanka trump ready to take the stage. the pressure on her has got to be intense. her advice for him as a candidate, that's also next. [burke] at farmers, we've seen almost everything, so we know how to cover almost anything. even a romantic rodent. [rickie] a romantic what? [squeaking noises] i'm a sucker for proposals. and we covered it, april twenty-sixth, 2014. talk to farmers. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two.
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3:45 pm
to speak, we're learning some of what he's going to say. the campaign releasing some of his speech. dana, you've been reading what they released. >> reporter: we would hear some familiar themes including and especially his i'm the law and order candidate theme. a lot more on the campaign trail as things have gotten pretty violent in this country. that's according to these excerpts where he's going to lean heavily. he said many have witnessed or he will say many have witnessed this violence personally, some have even been its victims. i have a message for all of you. the crime and violence that today afflicts our nation will
3:46 pm
soon come to an end beginning on january 20th, 2017. safety will be restored. then he goes to talk in the excerpts about america being less safe at home and abroad because he believes barack obama put hillary clinton in charge of the state department. that is a theme that we see here. i just want to underscore another is he's going to continue to seize on the discontent, the economic frustration that helped propel him to become the nominee. the nomination he will accept tonight and he is going to make clear in this speech about the fact he believes he's the person who gets it, who gets their fear and gets people frustration and can help turn it around. >> thanks very much. anderson, back to you. >> right before donald trump delivers those words one of his most trusted colleagues will speech, his daughter ivanka.
3:47 pm
we spoke about her father, what he's like as a dad. >> your father said you and melania wanted him more presidential is the word he uses. tell me about that. do you believe that the nicknames he used for some people or the name calling was a mistake? is that what you're talking about when you're saying more presidential? >> my conversations with my father are really between us, but obviously i'm his child. i'm also his colleague. i've worked along side of him for the past decade here at the trump organization and part of the reason we have such a good relationship is because he respects me and because i'm candid in my opinions and i share them. >> to that question, did you tell him those were mistakes or you don't? >> once in a while he'll say things.
3:48 pm
i'll tell him he could probably do with ratcheting it back. >> he listens? >> sometimes. sometimes he doesn't. sometimes he listens for limited period of times. >> but you can tell him? >> i think it's part of what people love about him. it's also part of what angers people. he is authentic. nobody tells him who to be. he is himself. he's his own man. he listens to the opinions of others. he respects the opinions of others. he processes the advice people give him but ultimately he makes his own decisions. >> how do you reconcile the donald trump i don't syou know dad with the candidate that some people see and consider so divisive and how do you square that circle for our viewers? >> my father's always elicited strong opinions in people.
3:49 pm
he's bold. he's very himself. i think for me the ultimate, the most important thing is i know the man. when i hear things that are inaccurate, it's sometimes hurtful. i feel that as a daughter. i still know the man. i, as a woman, i as a person could never support someone who was sexist or racist. i just couldn't. i would not be able to be okay with that. i know who he is as a human being. i know those things are not true. not many people say those things, but when they do it's easier for me to dismiss it because of that fact. >> i think back to the town hall that we did with donald trump and all of his adult kids. i think a lot of people,
3:50 pm
certainly supporters, felt that was perhaps one of the best things he had done because the kids are so well spoken and represent him in such a good way. what else stood out to you? >> what stood out to me is the devotion not only from ivanka but he heard from her brothers this week the devotion they have to their father, and you know, they had a difficult childhood growing up, right? their parents got divorced and they're now all in business with their father, and it's clear to me they understand that sometimes he goes off the script and they don't like it as ivanka was saying before, but they're so politic about it, but there is this kind of devotion to their father and trying to get the public see a different side of him that we don't see and that we haven't seen very often on the campaign trail. donald trump is not someone who is reflective and opens up about his life. >> it's interesting. i talked to paul manafort, i
3:51 pm
think, sunday, and that is what he would like for people to get out of this convention to the extent that there is one that people don't know about and do we know what ivanka trump will be saying tonight? >> obviously, she will be a character witness for her father and i guarantee she will make a pitch to women about her father, as she was saying, i would never support anyone who was sexist and someone who was racist. i think ivanka is a successful businesswoman and women with whom he has a huge problem, a 60%, or 70% disapproval rating and perhaps more than the boys she will try to get more personal, if i had to guess here. she's the daughter along with tiffany, but she's the little girl, right? >> without a doubt, some of the highlights of this week have been the trump kids and from tiffany all of the way through to no doubt, tonight to ivanka.
3:52 pm
gloria, thank you. up next, how we got to this moment from day one when donald trump rode down that escalator with his wife into the presidential race and launched a campaign like none we've seen before to today gop nominee gets ready to give the biggest speech of his life.
3:53 pm
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3:57 pm
a big night ahead here in cleveland. donald trump will wrap up the convention with his own speech, making the case why he should become the commander in chief. it was 401 days ago when he announced his candidacy in new york. let's take a look at the journey from then to now. here's tom foreman. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: just over one year and one month ago, donald trump rode into the presidential race instantly setting the tone for a tumultuous run. >> they're bringing drugs. they're bringing crime. they're rapists. >> no donald trump in l.a.! >> trump's inflammatory comments about undocumented mexican immigrants marking the start of an unconventional campaign, but also saw him attack former gop nominee john mccain for being a prisoner of war.
3:58 pm
>> he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured, okay? i hate to tell you. >> trump's circle of conflict grew. he would not pledge support for the party's eventual nominee as he defended past derogatory comments about women. >> dogs, slobs and disgusting animals. >> reporter: trump responded with more of the same. >> you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes -- blood coming out of her -- wherever. >> reporter: his crowds surged. his opponents howled and then he found a new target. >> donald j. trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states until our country's representatives can figure out what the hell is going on. >> reporter: the controversy seemed endless. a staffer was accused of assault. investigations swirled around trump's business ventures. he appeared to mock a disabled reporter.
3:59 pm
violence began breaking out at his rallies seemingly egged on by the candidate. >> i would like to punch him in the face, i'll tell you. >> reporter: and he had an apparently unlimited appetite for ridiculing all opponents. >> i call him little marco. little marco. >> pocka hontas is not happy. >> lyin' ted cruz. >> crooked hillary. >> reporter: pollsters predicted time and again that trump had gone too far and he would fall, certainly that he would never wind up here. >> unbelievable! >> reporter: but vote after vote -- >> thank you. >> reporter: state after state, he krucrushed his challengers a even now amid fresh controversies. >> if you're saying he can't do his job because of his race is that not the definition of racism? >> i don't think so at all. >> no? >> no. >> millions of voters are thrilled by trump's combative stance against the media, his almost unimaginable charge to
4:00 pm
take over the republican party and most of all, by his promise to bring a new way of doing business to the white house. >> usa! >> reporter: tom foreman, cnn, cleveland. >> that does it for anderson and me this hour. thanks for watching. our coverage from cleveland continues right now with erin burnett "out front." gooning. i'm erin burnett and welcome to a special edition "out front." we are live at the national conventi convention. it is donald trump's biggest night yet and the final night about to be called to order in just a few moments and on the stage below me, right behind where we are donald trump will take the podium for the most important speech of his life. he will officially accept his party's nomination for president of the united states. donald trump addressing the nation and frankly, the world


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